About Us

File 10778Confession time… You either love or loathe selfies, we are the later {cringe}. However we think it is important to let you into our world. We are so much more than just resource makers. We are friends. We are mothers. We are wives. We are hilarious bitches. And we want you to see all sides of us - eeekkk!

We thought we’d start by sharing a little bit about us...

  • We both taught in the country as our first teaching placement. In fact the idea for Top Teacher was planted in the small mining town of Newman.
  • This is our 13th (Bridget) & 12th (Shez) year of teaching and we have always taught a variation of K-2. We LOVE little people!
  • We each have 2 boys #weonlymakeboys You may have seen them on our insta stories. Keegan, Jude, Ryder & Nash
  • For the first time neither of us will be teaching this year as we are on mat leave and long service (woooo!) We are looking forward to focusing 100% on Top Teacher
  • We both love coffee, online shopping, coffee, Kardashians #sohappyforyoukhloe and more coffee.

If you got this far we’ll done, you deserve a coffee! #wesuckatselfies